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SMart Projex

Project Management - Systems & Processes - Teams

The best management team controlling your project 

SMart Projex provides a tailored management package that integrates into its client's Onshore & Offshore resource overview. We combine a team of highly experienced personnel along with a set of pioneering systems and processes designed to maximise success for all offshore projects we work on.


The processes that we implement into the Pull-in, Testing & Termination, as well as other scopes, are not only to ensure continuity of quality but also to reduce our client's risk and exposure. Every process and additional activity SMart Projex implements into a project is an effort to ensure our client maintains a strong overall position and produces the highest quality product. SMart Projex Management personnel work with their clients to ensure opportunities and obstacles are identified timely and ensure maximum project success is achieved.

Phases of a project that SMart Projex can assist

  • Project Infancy

  • Project Engineering & Planning

  • Project Execution

  • Project Performance & Control

  • Project Closure

Project Infancy

  • Introductions to potential clients

  • Supporting with sales and tenders

  • Supporting with commercial submissions

  • Building a robust pricing schedule

  • Identifying and sourcing the tooling and materials required

  • Supporting in establishing framework agreements with clients

  • Supporting project planners with a breakdown of activities

  • Supporting a sales team with client meetings

  • Building scope of work documentation package

  • Ensuring all project costs are identified and in the pricing schedule

  • Establishing a robust Master Document Register

  • Managing and controlling assets

  • Identifying the correct resource strategy to meet project milestones and hit contractual KPI's

Signing a Contract
Construction work planning

Project Engineering & Planning

  • Assisting with technical and Commercial Contract reviews

  • Providing a robust project risk review and recommendation of mitigations

  • Identifying project risks and opportunities 

  • Providing procedures and project-specific templates

  • Identifying the optimal team strategy and ensuring maximum efficiency of each individual on site

  • Raise the required technical queries

  • Establishing a project-specific claims strategy

  • Ensuring project budget is not exceeded to avoid margin erosion  

Project Execution

  • Management of the full document package

  • Automating and digitising every aspect of the Scope of Work

  • Dynamically populating, reviewing and delivering the As-Built documentation 

  • Reducing exposure offshore with team personnel’s in-depth contract knowledge     

  • Continuous exploration of opportunities for task optimisation

  • Highlighting and capturing opportunities for extension of time and financial claims

  • Legitimisation of claims and use of enhanced claims management system

  • Daily updating project schedule with progress and delays

  • Rotation structuring and management of personnel 

  • Recommendations for manpower escalation/reduction to align with optimal rate

  • Project-specific efficiency structuring of team set up and spread of disciplines 

  • Equipment management and automation of processes  

  • Supporting in developing and nurturing clients staff into management positions   

  • Building and developing processes, optimising all Scopes of work

  • Dynamically adapting to ensure successful project execution

  • Identifying the need to accelerate/decelerate when live using the Smart Projex data models

  • Supplying clients with access to project data via the Smart Projex dashboards and data visualisations

Project Performance & Control

  • Monitoring progress and tracking against KPI’s

  • Identifying areas for improvement and implementing corrective actions 

  • Providing daily and weekly status reports

Project Closure

  • Conducting final project analysis

  • Providing lessons learnt report

  • Delivering the final As-built dossier on project completion

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