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Complete Package

Total Project Control - Total Success

Use Smart Projex to ensure your next project is a success

By combining the experienced Smart Projex management team and their tested processes, with the proven Smart Build software and our trusted workforce you're putting your project in safe hands.

Thanks to the capabilities and skillsets within the Smart Projex team, individuals are able to switch between the various offshore management roles and adapt to the situation and demands required of them. Each member of the Smart Projex team was selected over a number of numerous years and have all learnt from each other to the required extent to adapt to each other's roles. Our Hybrid approach can be utilised to reduce the number of required individual resources needed to execute an offshore project.

One of the most underestimated activities within offshore wind is the timely delivery of the required documentation package which often comes with its own separate milestones. The Smart Projex team is equipped with the necessary tools to dynamically capture and populate the deliverables prior to project completion, and successfully issue them to the client on demobilisation. Final versions of delivered as-builts are met with little feedback from the client due to the continual quality checks, controls and verification in place with the SMart Build software. The application has dramatically reduced the required workload for this and as the creators of the SMart Build application, the SMart Projex management team fit seamlessly into managing offshore work scopes using the software.

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