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SMart Build

Offshore Management Software created by SMart Projex

Custom-built software for offshore renewables

Smart Build is a software solution designed and optimised around the end-user working in a remote, offshore environment. ​It has been designed to connect the Onshore and Offshore Management Team with the workforce giving a live view of progress as it happens. We've minimised inputs required from technicians and implemented a systematic approach to ensure critical points are not missed, we've also put systems in place for supervisors to highlight potential issues and communicate feedback to teams daily. With Smart Build, you are able to compile As-built documentation onsite, in parallel with ongoing offshore works, shareable with the client on a day by day basis, enabling you to deliver the final As-built documentation immediately on completion of offshore works and prior to project demobilisation.

Smart Build Features

  • Online and offline capability

  • Report templates tailored to meet client requirements

  • Electrical tests and reports with immediate PDF report generation

  • Workflows built to project deliverables

  • Images verified or rejected with minimum delay

  • Feedback loop and enabling reaction to highlighted items

  • Team timesheets verified against vessel timings

  • Auto populated daily reports

  • Tracking of progress rate and any project-specific KPIs

  • Client tailored dashboards and reports

  • Desktop application utilised by offshore/onshore management 

  • Multi level use - client | contractor | sub-contractor

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Reduced Workload

  • Systems to remove repetitive tasks

  • Producing the As-builts dynamically

  • Auto compiling daily progress reports

  • Supervisors checking work locations from desktops

  • Systems for the control of equipment, materials and consumables

  • Site safety/SHOC Management control systems

  • Offsite experts utilised - test processing | image review | data analysis

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Consistent Quality

  • Comparing locations and teams from desktop

  • Full audit loops of ongoing locations

  • Highlighting of missing or inadequate tests/images 

  • Image approval/rejection feedback workflows

  • Thorough guidance for required image capture

  • System generated daily feedback reports for techs

  • Safety and quality flash alerts

Increased Profits

  • Additional systems to take care of repetitive tasks

  • Minimising revisits for snagging

  • Reduced management personnel on site

  • Merged offshore roles - maximum personnel efficiency

  • Early warnings for location/project deadlines

  • Avoiding delays by highlighting need for acceleration

  • Client reps using SMart Build to work more efficiently on site


Optimised Data

  • Data analysis - time | progress | cost

  • Project-specific data visualisations

  • Company KPI’s for clearer benchmarks

  • Completion date predictions from live site progress

  • Engaging with data and users in new ways

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