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One of the most underestimated activities within offshore wind is the timely delivery of the required documentation package which often comes with its own separate milestones. The Smart Projex team is equipped with the necessary tools  to dynamically capture and populate the deliverables prior to project completion, and successfully issue to the client on demobilisation. Final versions of delivered as builts are met with little feedback from the client due to the continual quality checks, controls and verification in place with the SMart Build software. The application has reduced the required workload for this an estimated 50%, on .  As the creators of the SMart Build application, the SMart Projex management team fit seamlessly into managing offshore work scopes using the software, able to iterate any required fixes required on the fly and transfer suggestions on site into additional features in minimal time.

Aspects of a project we can assist with

Project Initiation

  • Support Tenders

  • Build scope of work documentation  

  • Support JDR planners with breakdown of schedule

  • Support JDR sales team with client meetings  

  • Introduce JDR to potential clients 

Wind turbine from aerial view, Drone view at windpark westermeerdijk a windmill farm in th
Wind turbine from aerial view, Drone view at windpark westermeerdijk a windmill farm in th

Project Planning

  • Technical and Commercial Contract reviews

  • Provide a robust project risk review including mitigation

  • Identify project risks and opportunities 

  • Review scope of work documentation 

  • Support technically 

Project Execution

  • Management of the full document package of any T&T or pull in scope 

  • Recommendations on options available to automate and digitise processes 

  • Dynamically populate, review and deliver the As built documentation 

  • Reduce exposure offshore with experienced personnel contract knowledge

  • Continuous exploration of opportunities for task optimisation or potential claim.

  • Streamline the offshore extension of time and financial claim processes

  • Legitimisation of claims and use of enhanced claims management system

  • Integrating documents/records within Primavera

  • Rotation structuring including manpower reduction whilst maintaining progress rates

  • Project specific structuring of team set up and spread of disciplines

  • Equipment management with the instruction of partial automation

  • Support in developing JDR staff

  • Build and develop JDR’s processes and where possible optimise any Scope of work.

Image by Shaun Dakin
Wind turbine from aerial view, Drone view at windpark westermeerdijk a windmill farm in th

Project Performance & Control

  • Monitor progress and track against KPIs

  • Identify areas for improvement and implement corrective actions

  • Provide regular status reports 

Project Closure

  • Conduct project analysis

  • Provide lessons learnt 

  • Deliver complete As Built dossier the day of project completion 

Wind turbine from aerial view, Drone view at windpark westermeerdijk a windmill farm in th

Use of SmartProjex tablet Application by JDR Technicians 

By implementing the SMart Build software into the Seamade OWF JDR have continued to provide industry leading quality to the client. SMartProjex has provided a system to allow JDR’s teams working on remote locations to record the progress achieved at stages in work scope and required deliverables in order to communicate the gathered information to the management team electronically. The system implemented for the Seamade OWF has increased the quality and consistency of records produced on site by setting rigid guidelines for required inputs, giving early warning of discrepancies and reducing the demand on offshore management team resources. 

sb 2_edited.jpg

Key advantages

  • Populated by offshore team 

  • Workload reduced by 50% using application 

  • Quality of data and images ensured

  • ability to instantly review accept or reject an image taken by a technician  

  • Continuity of data captured using the rules in the application  

  • Application prompts technicians to capture required Data 

Planning and claims 

The project execution phase of Seamade OWF utilising the SMart Build application has captured, verified and submitted over in financial claims and 26+ days extension of time within the 18 days submission window stipulated within the project contract. The SMart Projex team are capable of assisting onshore project management with extra claims assistance in the form of an enhanced claims management system. SMart Projex suggest offshore management team could take on the following further responsibilities:

  • Updating project programme

  • Perpetuate Delay Analysis Table

  • Preparing Delay Analysis

  • Integrating documents/records within Primavera

  • Maintaining the Enhanced Claims Management System (ECMS)

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